Wine or Candy at Haus der Kunst, Oslo

The DuMauriers first moved to the Island with their two daughters in the 70s. Back then, they lived in a small beach house at Yeomalt. After many mudslides, the house no longer stood. The bluff has since been reinforced and a stone bulkhead meets the lapping waves of the bay. Newly built homes crowd the cliff, which the young family are unable to afford. Aside from rising real estate prices, not much had changed on the Island in the last two decades. Slightly more people than the 70s, yes, but many of the neighborhoods and much of the town remain the same. There is still only one high school and one movie theater. The old Thriftway and hardware store are unchanged, even the same people work there. By the 2000s, the Thriftway will be renamed Town & Country, suddenly becoming a much more upscale enterprise with prices to match. The quaint town center and its new multiplex movie theater, restaurants and bars will begin to attract even mainlanders. The Big Star Diner, originally built in 1948 and featured on the first season of Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, will arrive in parts from Pennsylvania, drawing diner lovers from across the nation to its doors. These are exciting prospects for Gwen’s daughters, who will grow up playing on construction sites, carving their names into the wooden frames of houses and lighting fires in their freshly poured foundations. The buildings are haunted before they are even finished. Here, in fact, lies the main difference between the generations.

Island, 2021, oil and pigment on oilskin


Wine, 2021, oil and pigment on oilskin


Crab, 2021, oil and goache on oilskin


Shell, 2021, oil and pigment on oilskin


House, 2021, oil and pigment on oilskin


Candy?, 2021, Flashe, acrylic and oil on PVC


Ghost, 2021, pigment on oilskin